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Integrating Center  “Zahrada”– the Garden

The social welfare institution was founded in 1991 as one of the first alternatives to social welfare establishments. 

The integrating center is attended by children aged 6 – 18 with the combined disablement. The serious disablement being both mental and motoric requires an everyday individual pedagogic and rehabilitative care, and so the two professions make the backbone of our services.

 In case of some clients of ours we can observe good results in course of time, in case of others we are happy to see their health conditions not worsening contrary to the prognosis, while in case of other clients we can not prevent even that. 

 We try however to do our best to offer everyone our effort, professionalism, creativity and willingness not to fall into despair.

 In the process being both pedagogic and educational, the tutors of Garden Integrating Center maintain a close cooperation with the tutors from „Elementary school – special Garden” www.zszahradka.cz . The required skills are developed also through group activities and so they create in children the feeling of fellowship with the group of closest friends, but also of all children and adults within the establishment.

 There is a mutual cooperation among all elements of the care offered i.e. among school tutor, establishment tutor, physiotherapist, ergotherapist and social worker. Everybody pursues the common goal: to create to a child the appropriately stimulating, motivating conditions for his further development. 

We consider matter-of course to provide a comfortable caring service as well as necessary health care.       

 The family of a child is offered a service including communication with the authorities, assistance in arranging a number of rehabilitative and compensating utilities, various benefits and allowances, look-up of “assistants – volunteers” that will facilitate the family its care for the disabled child or they will improve the care for the child himself. It is also possible to offer them the contact information to a number of organizations, associations, schools, health establishments that could provide either immediate or long-term help.